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Property Development Advice

Correct advice at the concept stage of any development, whether domestic or commercial, can identify factors affecting the project and ensure that the most effective procurement strategy is adopted. When considering domestic development, especially home extensions, it is critical that the Client fully understands the proposals and their practical and visual impact.

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Architectural Services & Cost Control

We offer full architectural services for both domestic and commercial projects from conception through design and planning and building consent stages to final construction. We develop our Clients ideas in order to achieve an end product that fully meets their needs and is acceptable to planning authorities.

It is essential for any project that the cost can be assessed at the concept stage. As the concept is then developed through the various procurement stages, the cost is monitored to ensure that it is maintained within budgetary limits.

Some of our recent projects in this area include:

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Building Surveys

A building inspection and valuation carried out on behalf of a mortgage company is usually required to establish that there is sufficient equity in the property over and above the amount to be advanced. Whilst it will identify obvious defects it will not always report in detail on all defects. It is therefore prudent for a prospective purchaser to instruct a full Building Survey.

We regularly prepare Building Surveys for both domestic and commercial properties and can provide estimates for considered repairs if required.

We can also provide preliminary low cost inspections to identify any major problems, which might prejudice purchase. This may avoid the cost of a full Building Survey.

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The value of both domestic and commercial properties can often be substantially increased by carefully planned and costed extension and refurbishment works. We can advise on the merits and cost effectiveness of proposed extensions and refurbishment, and process the design and procurement of the work.

The procurement of each project is bespoke to ensure the most cost effective and marketable product is achieved. We can recommend the most suitable form of construction contract from a range of standard forms available. Such expert advice is essential when entering into a construction contract.

One of our recent projects was the total fitting out of a three storey office building

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Building Disputes

Disputes that arise between Building Owners and Contractors can often be resolved before they develop into formal litigation. This can be achieved when the nature of the dispute is understood and the implications are explained by an expert. As with any dispute, both parties see the situation differently and our expert advice can often clarify the merits of the arguments to achieve settlement.

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Buildings Insurance

As quantity surveyors we are qualified to prepare buildings reinstatement valuations for insurance purposes. As and when claims arise we act as Loss Assessors for the Insured when negotiating claim settlements with the Insurers Loss Adjusters.

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Dilapidations & Schedules of Condition

In commercial leases the obligations imposed by repairing covenants are often unclear and confusing. These leases can include clauses that impose varying obligations on the Landlord and Tenant to keep and leave the premises in repair. The tenant liabilities should be fully understood before any contract is entered into. We can advise on the implication of the wording and interpretation of such covenants.

We can also provide a Schedule of Condition to be appended to the lease that records the condition of the premises at the commencement of a lease and provides a benchmark for the standard of repair required by claims for dilapidations.

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Party Wall Matters

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 now provides guidance on the procedures to be followed by Building Owners and Adjoining Owners when works are proposed in the vicinity of party walls. Compliance with the Act ensures that owner’s rights can be protected. Consultation with adjoining owners should be commenced at the earliest stage of any such proposed works. We can advise on owner’s rights and actions that can often avoid the appreciable costs of formal party wall award processes. When necessary we can prepare and serve notices on behalf of building owners and respond to notices served by building owners on adjoining owners on their behalf.

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